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Theory – Tuning Sense Feedback

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The concept that we are listening to our inner radio broadcasts raises a question: which part of us is turning the knob of the tuning sense? The way I see it, the knob is controlled by a feedback mechanism inherit in our brains. Tuning sense is controlled by the sum of the internal electromagnetic state of a portion of the brain. The role of thalamus is central in sensory and other operations; it can be presented that thalamus is the tuning sense, receiving input from the senses and feedback input from the cerebral cortex. 

Brain is a parallel, layered processing unit. There is one tuning sense for thought process and also several other dedicated for other bodily functions. Figuratively speaking, we cannot “hear” the signal from all the tuning senses; they are not part of our consciousness directly.


Written by Tomi Itkonen

January 1, 2007 at 9:47 pm

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